We arrived by train in the town of Pembroke in the county of Pembrokeshire in Wales. To the rest of the UK, Wales is technically a principality, but to the Welsh, Wales is its own country and the rest of the UK doesn’t exist. Pembrokeshire is a lovely coastal countryside of rolling hills and craggy […]


A sudden lull in our whirlwind trip, the day after we saw Jessie Cave was spent not catching buses, not riding trains, not walking miles and miles, not even leaving the house. Which house? The house of our friend Charles, who used to live in Colorado and now lives in Hackney, a neighborhood of London. […]

Meeting Jessie Cave

On Friday night, I experienced the most magical moment in my entire life. Jessie Cave is the actress that portrayed Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series. After enjoying her on-screen performance so much, I looked into what Jessie Cave did outside of Harry Potter. Cave describes herself as “short-sided actress + things,” and is […]

The Cotswolds

I don’t know the etymology of the word “quaint,” but if I were to make a completely uninformed guess, I’d say it was coined for the sole purpose of describing the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are a collection of tiny villages to the north of Bath, built from beautiful stone and surrounded by farms and farmland. […]


We finally made it to our first Harry Potter filming location: Oxford! Stephen, a student whom we met through the couch surfing website, showed us all around the different colleges that make up the university. First stop was Christ Church College, home to the staircase where Professor McGonagall welcomed the first-years to Hogwarts in the […]


The city of Bath. So named for the famous Roman baths still on display (for a considerable admission fee), and not for the not-famous bathroom in Nick’s flat, which is not equipped for showers, only baths in a tub, and is not on display for any kind of fee, considerable or otherwise. Nick was our […]

Day 4&5: Falmouth

Booked our first couch surfing experience with a real surfer named Richard, who picked us up at Penmere station in Falmouth. Rich is a research student studying animal behaviour, jackdaws specifically, which he describes as “dumpy crows.” He records their calls and plays them back to them to see if they react more to calls […]

Day 3: Tavistock

Finally a day in which our only source of locomotion was our own feet. Our own very sore feet. We woke up and walked back into Tavistock to spend the day “taking in the sights,” which can also be called “wandering around.” We’ve noticed a few things: Clouds behave differently here. They’re always on the […]

Day 1 – Iceland

Karen and Ryan reporting in! Day 1 was a long one. We didn’t sleep on the flight, landed in Iceland at 7 am, spent the day in the Blue Lagoon, a hot spring near the southern coast, flew to London that evening and finally hit the hay at Heathrow Lodge. Anyway, here’s some pics from […]