Day 1 – Iceland

Karen and Ryan reporting in! Day 1 was a long one. We didn’t sleep on the flight, landed in Iceland at 7 am, spent the day in the Blue Lagoon, a hot spring near the southern coast, flew to London that evening and finally hit the hay at Heathrow Lodge. Anyway, here’s some pics from our day in Iceland.
It was a quintessential Icelandic experience – swimming in thermal baths with rainy wind blowing all around. That bright yellow thing is a lifeguard, in full rain gear and winter cap. National Geographic calls the Blue Lagoon one of the 25 wonders of the world. Its waters are known for healing properties. Microscopic silica and strengthens the skin, and algae prevents aging by stimulating collagen production. After spending just three hours in the lagoon, the two of us will now live to be 401 years old. We can’t wait to explore the island more during our 5-day stay at the end of this adventure. It really feels like a magical world.

Speaking of magical worlds, we looked around for any kind of memorial to the Icelandic queen who was wed to Gunther the Violent, but to no avail. We also looked for Bjork, but I guess she hibernates this time of year.



6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Iceland

  1. Is that 401 years combined or separately? Because an extra 300+ years added to my lifespan is totally worth the trip. But an extra 100+? Psh. That’s for the birds 😉

  2. Only the first day and already swimming in magic? Sounds like heaven! Can’t wait to see more amazing pictures!

  3. Thermal baths sound so great. Not sure about the windy rain o my head though. Sounds like Heathrow lodge was a bit noisy.

  4. Oh my Godric I was in the Blue Lagoon on Easter Sunday! It was fabulous but looked a bit more crowded the day we were there. It seems like you’re having a ball and I wish you well with all your adventures, sounds like the trip of a lifetime 🙂

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