Day 2: London to Dartmoor

After a night at Heathrow Lodge listening to planes blast off all night, we had a very English breakfast of Twinings tea and Chewy bars and walked to the Iver railway station. We spent most of the day on trains – Iver to Reading, Reading to Plymouth, Plymouth to Bere Alston. A man next to Ryan on the train mumbled in a voice exactly like Mr. Bean. The scenery was lovely, a full day of rolling hills, herds of sheep, and cold, hazy weather. Coloradoans back home in your 90+ degree heat, feel free to be jealous 🙂






After wandering around Bere Alston, knocking on doors, startling cows, visiting the Edgecomb Pub, and being offered a cup of tea at least three times, we took a bus to Tavistock and hiked out of town to camp on the moors. To our great surprise, we woke up to sounds of faint howling in the distance. Could it be Remus? Or possibly the mere memory of a kind man’s dangerous side? I replied with a friendly howl… As we drifted off to sleep.




The wind blew, the rain flew, the sheep bleated in ridiculous voices, and it didn’t get dark till after 22:00 (10pm), but our tent held strong and we got a decent night of sleep after a delicious gourmet meal of ramen and beef jerky.



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