Meeting Jessie Cave

On Friday night, I experienced the most magical moment in my entire life. Jessie Cave is the actress that portrayed Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series. After enjoying her on-screen performance so much, I looked into what Jessie Cave did outside of Harry Potter. Cave describes herself as “short-sided actress + things,” and is a quirky, creative individual that strays away from the Hollywood idea of glamour, while creating her own unique and hilarious comedy sketches. If you have not looked at her work, check out and watch her creative short videos.

Back to Friday night… Ryan and I bought tickets to see Jessie perform her comedy sketch “Bookworm” live at the Soho Theatre in London. We took a quick train ride back from our stay in the Cotswolds just to see Jessie perform.

Entering the small theatre, I began to squeal with excitement at the thought of sitting front row, only feet away from Jessie herself. An older lady sitting next to me noticed how excited I was about the show and asked me, “Are you friends with Jessie?” I responded saying that I did not personally know Jessie, but that I had basically flown from America to see her perform. The lady became very interested, and as we talked further, introduced herself as Jessie’s godmother. She began to talk about Jessie and Bebe as children and the creativity she saw in them at a young age.


The show began, and sitting front row, Ryan and I were handed gingerbread cookies by Bebe herself, and enjoyed a first hand experience of the hilarity of Bookworm.

After the show had ended, the Soho staff began shuffling people out of the theater. As I began to walk out, Jessie’s godmother pulled me away and said, “You have flown all the way from America, you are going to meet her!” Instantly I became overjoyed, and a bit nervous as well… While quickly trying to figure out what to say to Jessie, she suddenly appeared in front of me! I began to tell her how much I loved her work, and how appreciative I was of her unique creativity and what an inspiration she has been to me. She told me thank you about 483,765 times, and told me she was impressed I came so far to see her. She gave me a hug, and told me to tweet at her later that night so she could find me on twitter. We parted ways after what felt like a very long 5 minutes conversation.

ANOTHER SURPRISE: While walking out of the theater, Ryan and I spotted someone that looked like Natalia Tena (Tonks from Harry Potter). We approached her and realized indeed it was her! We had successfully seen two famous Harry Potter Actresses in one evening!

Wonderful night. Wonderful people. I met my favorite actress of all time, and ate her homemade gingerbread cookies. Life is good.

Find me on Twitter: verysmallforest
Find Jessie on Twitter: pindippycave

Look for the conversation I retweeted. ;]


4 thoughts on “Meeting Jessie Cave

  1. So unbelievably jealous right now! I love Natalia Tena not only as Tonks but also in Game of Thrones, and her independent film Tonight Your Mine. If my Time Turner wasn’t illegal and I could go back to the moment you happened upon her then apparated to where you guys were, I’d do it in a heart beat!

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