A sudden lull in our whirlwind trip, the day after we saw Jessie Cave was spent not catching buses, not riding trains, not walking miles and miles, not even leaving the house. Which house? The house of our friend Charles, who used to live in Colorado and now lives in Hackney, a neighborhood of London. He was generous enough to make us our second English Breakfast (vegan style – it was delicious!) and non-English curry dinner. Yes, we had  orange juice in wine glasses. Classy!



It was nice to have a day to sit around lazily on couches like we used to do at home, and Skype with family back at home on those couches.

A Quick Thanks For All The Nice Comments:

Thanks for all the nice comments!

Really, they mean a lot. Sometimes at the end of an exhausting day catching buses, riding trains, and walking miles and miles, the last thing we feel like doing is writing about it all. But knowing that people are reading and enjoying the blog is a huge motivation.

We’re writing for kind of a diverse readership – friends and family, some of whom like Harry Potter, some of whom just want proof we’re staying out of trouble, of at least out of jail, strangers who are Harry Potter fans living vicariously through us (which we’re totally cool with (with which we’re totally cool?)(we are totally cool)), strangers who are just lost on the internet, and the kids Ryan works with at Base Camp, especially Molly, who is an even bigger Harry Potter fan than us, and Megan and Lucas, and Tyler and Travis.

Cheers and see you in Wales!

  – k&r


9 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Hope you are really having fun. Tyler finished reading the 4th book so we got to watch the movie this weekend. Love Travis.

    Thank you for the shout out – really tickled the boys – Darcy

  2. you have had an exciting few days!! Glad you had a chance to rest a little – who knew a couch could be such a treat? Wish I could meet you in Wales!! Love to you both! Aunt Konnie

  3. You have no idea how much I have loved reading your updates, whenever you choose to write them. 🙂

    Although we are strangers, it is fascinating to me to see places I love through the eyes of foreigners. It’s a bonus that Harry Potter “and company” appear every now and then.

    There are two things, however, I love even more:

    1. Your writing (I assume both of you write at various times, and both of you are truly funny, fun, and lovely souls) and your sketches.

    2. Your art. There are already a few that I would buy and frame. I just love them.

    I have a question, though: are you both vegan or is your friend Charles vegan?

    Safe and happy travels!

    • Thank you for all your kind words! If you really do enjoy the art, click the donate button to give us some postage money, and we can mail one to you. 🙂

      Glad you are enjoying all of our writing!

      Also, we are not vegans, but many of the people we have been staying with are.

      • I’m torn about sending money via PayPal. I’m not a fan of theirs, but there are other ways to send money these days. More importantly, I sort of want to wait to see all of the sketches to decide which ones I’d like, if you can part with some of them. Think about how much you want for each, too, and we’ll negotiate. 🙂 Please don’t put it here if you don’t feel comfortable. You can send me a message through WordPress if you’d like.

  4. Ryan and Karen,
    What a great adventure! You guys are doing a beautiful job documenting everything. Love all the sketches!
    Thanks for sharing the trip! Love Dad ;)—–<

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