We discovered that our bus passes would allow us to visit the Isle of Skye, since there’s a bridge that connects it to the mainland of Scotland. The trip up there was a breathtaking ride through the Scottish highlands. Our destination was the harbour town of Portree. Here you can see the bay. That dark […]


On our way up to Glencoe we camped for a night on the shore of Loch Lomond, Britain’s largest stretch of inland water. Here’s the view from our tent. It looks like we’re adrift! From a resort across the lake the house band was playing a rock version of Gangnam Style. We cringed ourselves to […]


Our next stop in Scotland was in Glasgow. It’s a big big city, but with a lot of old old buildings still looming hugely over the streets in a beautiful way. There are also some neat bridges that span the river. We couch surfed with a German fellow named Alexio, who is working on a […]


Yes, there is a place in this world called Dingle. It’s on a peninsula on the southwest coast of Ireland. Yes, its resident celebrity is a dolphin named Fungie, who has been swimming wild and free in the harbour for thirty years. Yes, we visited this land of sugarsweet names, and this is the tale […]


Killarney is a town right on the edge of Killarney National Park, famous for its huge lakes and the tallest mountain in Ireland: Carrantoohil. We couch surfed with a gentleman named Ray, who works for the Ministry of Tourism, and thus were treated to wonderfully informative dinner conversation on the history, geography, and culture of […]


We expected our ferry from Holyhead to Dublin to be like the one we took once from Seattle to Bremerton – a floating metal box filled with hard wooden benches and cold drafts (breezes, not beers). But to our glorious surprise, this one was more like a cruise ship, filled with plush couches and armchairs, […]