The Cliffs of Moher

We beheld the majesty of the Cliffs of Moher across the waves from a curve of coastline further north. Careful!


The Cliffs are where they filmed one of Ryan’s favorite scenes, when Harry and Dumbledore arrive at the mouth of the cave. Do you recognize them way out there?


The Cliffs are not Ireland’s tallest, but they are surely her most dramatic.Here’s a dramatic sketch.


We camped at Nagle’s campground, at the edge of the sea outside the small town of Doolin, and met two gentlemen from Holland who were playing a travel version of a Dutch version of Scrabble, fishing the tiles out of a sock. (“Yes, the sock is clean,” they assured us).

In the evening we walked out on the pier to watch the sun set over the Aran Islands, and – surprise! – there in the water a snorkeler was swimming with a dolphin. They circled round each other and once in a while the dolphin would crest and give a puff of breath, his dorsal fin curving down into the water. He swam below us where the water was clear and Karen snapped this really great shot, if we do say so ourselves.


We also spied a huge crab ambling along the seabed, as big as the one in the museum in Dublin, but it was surprisingly quick, and we couldn’t catch it in a photo or for dinner.

The sun sank, a lighthouse lit up in the distance, the water lapped the shore. We saw our dolphin after all.


The next day we walked back into Doolin, and bought an Irish penny whistle for seven hundred pennies. Will we be able to play it? We’ve got lots of time to practice, with all the camping we’re about to do. See you in Sligo!

  – k&r


One thought on “The Cliffs of Moher

  1. Miriam says she really enjoyed the pictures. We look forward to seeing more of them. and can’t wait to see you when you return.

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