As much as we enjoyed Glasgow, we liked Edinburgh even more. Everywhere you look there’s a pretty old pretty building looking back at you. The Old Town’s medieval and Reformation-era buildings and the New Town’s Georgian terraces slope down sharply into the valley of central Princes Street Gardens, and we walked all over all of […]

The Jacobite Steam Train

In Scotland, “Glen” means glen, and “Ben” means mountain. We camped in Glen Nevis beneath Ben Nevis, in probably the largest campground we’ve been to yet, sprawled across numerous fields beneath the misty mountainsides. We were afraid our impressions of Ireland and Scotland would be sunny and blue, but the rain and clouds finally set […]


On our way up to Glencoe we camped for a night on the shore of Loch Lomond, Britain’s largest stretch of inland water. Here’s the view from our tent. It looks like we’re adrift! From a resort across the lake the house band was playing a rock version of Gangnam Style. We cringed ourselves to […]


We arrived by train in the town of Pembroke in the county of Pembrokeshire in Wales. To the rest of the UK, Wales is technically a principality, but to the Welsh, Wales is its own country and the rest of the UK doesn’t exist. Pembrokeshire is a lovely coastal countryside of rolling hills and craggy […]

Meeting Jessie Cave

On Friday night, I experienced the most magical moment in my entire life. Jessie Cave is the actress that portrayed Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series. After enjoying her on-screen performance so much, I looked into what Jessie Cave did outside of Harry Potter. Cave describes herself as “short-sided actress + things,” and is […]