We visited Munich in southern Germany, and suddenly the weather was cold! We happened to be there during the world’s largest folk festival, Oktoberfest. During these two weeks there are more people in Munich than in the rest of the world combined. Almost 7 million liters of beer were served this year! Ryan bought Karen […]


There’s a movie called “In Bruges” starring Mad-Eye Moody teamed up with John Smith against Voldemort. And there’s an actual Bruges in Belgium, which we visited and loved. It was once the commercial capital of the world, when its port was situated in a strategic spot, but eventually the river filled in, ships got bigger, […]


Prague is Ryan’s mom’s favorite city in Europe, and we can see why. Everyone forgot to bomb it during the wars, so it’s one of the best collections of preserved architecture from across the ages. That being said, the first part we visited was the huge forested park, just as the leaves were changing. There […]


This hungry lion was waiting for us on the Chain Bridge in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, but Karen was smart enough to keep her distance. Our first exploration was in and around the Fisherman’s Bastion, on the Buda side of the Danube. Here is the Matthias Church with its beautifully tilted roof, a typical […]


Ah, Venezia! One of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. Made up of over 100 small islands connected by bridges, Venice is navigated by boat and gondola in the canals and by foot through the narrow, winding alleyways. No matter where you go in this city it feels special. As Rick Steves […]


Barcelona is a huge city in Spain, in the Catalonia region, which is trying to break away and become its own country. Either way, it’s beautiful here on the Mediterranean coast. The city is known for its wealth of architecture by Gaudi, which is easily recognizable in its extravagance, and is where the term “gaudy” […]


Where does one go after Paris? Strasbourg, of course! It’s a smaller French city right next to the border of Germany, in the Alsace region. We stayed with a friend named Alex, who is between jobs (just like us!), which meant he was our personal tour guide during our visit. Alex was one of the […]


Two weeks in London was a great way to wrap up the UK chapter of our trip. By the end of it we were rested and ready to get moving again – all across continental Europe. Here’s a glimpse of the white cliffs of Dover I snapped before our bus drove onto the ferry across […]