The Big Idea

This is a blog for Harry Potter lovers, travel enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

We plan to backpack across Europe on a Weasley budget over the course of five months. We will be bringing Harry, Ron, and Hermione along with us in their flattest form possible (paper cut-outs), and experiencing each country through the eyes of Jo Rowling with the trio by our side. After reading closely through the series for the nth time and studying Rowling’s deep knowledge of the magical world, we realized that we can hang out with dangerous Horntails in Hungary, travel with trolls in Poland, and learn all about vampires in the Black Forest of Germany. The knowledge that Jo holds about the magical world goes beyond the Harry Potter books alone. Through the notes left behind about the wizarding world, we are able to embark on a journey across all of Europe and see more than the movies have shown us.

We will take you to filming locations, secret hideouts that are only briefly mentioned in the books, and to locations that Rowling has described in her journals on Harry’s world.

Hold tight, it’s time to Apparate!


18 thoughts on “The Big Idea

  1. This is a brilliant idea. I went on a fantrip two summers ago (it was a surprisingly inexpensive way for me to go to a foreign country on my own), and it was unforgettable. I hope to go back next year with some of the friends I made. It’ll be wonderful to see what you guys get up to in Europe on your Potter journey.

    Even if the movies aren’t your focus, you should check out the “Harry Potter on Location” guide by JP Sperati. It’s a nice addition to seeing all the filming sites (and being able to find them, in some cases) in the UK.

    • Thanks for the idea! The book looks very interesting and we will definitely look into it!

      For now we have been focusing on J. K. Rowlings own words about what the magical world is made up of. It’s so neat to learn about all the history she has created for Harrys world. It almost feels real to me now…
      Keep reading!

  2. This is really incredible. I love that you guys are taking the magic and the world that inspired you so much and are making it real for yourselves. You’ve got true adventurers’ spirits and I wish I could be doing the same! Ah well, one day. For now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through the tales of your adventure. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and best of luck as you begin your journey! 😀

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